Our Faculty

Suman Barkhas

Certified Yoga Therapist, with International Yoga Therapist Association

Certified Yoga Instructor ( ERYT 500)with National Yoga Alliance 

Tai Chi Master Instructor with American Tai Chi & Qigong Association

Suman Barkhas


Suman has traveled as a yoga monk, teaching Yoga and Tai chi throughout forty-six countries and currently resides in Eugene, Oregon USA, as a holistic wellness coach.

Suman first recieved training in yoga and tai chi in Mongolia and China. He Studied with tai chi masters Dr. Paul Lam in USA  and Jan Gun De  of Beijing University China. Suman took initiation in classical yoga meditation in 1991 and in 1993 took yoga monk training in Benares, India. And studied Social Service Work 1993-1994 in Ydresfors, Sweden, at the International School of Social Service. Following these trainings, he taught yoga as well as taichi and promoted social service throughout Asia, Europe, Scandinavian countries and last 17 year in the United States.

Suman has been teaching  about 20-22 classes a week locally focusing in yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong, and yoga therapy. He is also director of the Yoga school, 200/500 hours by National Yoga Alliance "Spiritual Yoga Teacher Training" 200 and 300 hours certification programs. He is also  involved with the Tai Chi - Moving for Better Balance fidelity workgroup for the Oregon Health Authority and is responsible for all new 600 instructors trainings. Totally trained over 1200 Tai chi instructors throughout USA. Now he works part time teaching "Holistic Health" program at Oregon Heart and Vascular Institute affiliated with Peace Health non profit organization and traveling to teach nationally and internationally.

Now, he is Tai Chi Master instructor from American Tai Chi & Qigong Association  http://www.americantaichi.org/taichiCertification.asp